What is global warming?

OK, so i dont mean to sound stupid but i dont actually know what it is...I already know that its the heating up and cooling down of the enviroment and its caused by Co2 emmisions caused by cars and power stations ect, but since i am only 12 i have a tendonsy of not paying attention and i now have an essay to right and i forgot what it actually isi know somthing about the sun expanding?i also seem to remember something about the ozone layer and how something gets trapped underneath?I dont actually know but if someone could scientifically describe some differant theories, for and against, behind global warming that would be great! Thanks alot xxxx:):D

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  1. storeroom says:

    well Global warming means an increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere,especially a sustained increase sufficient to cause climatic change. hope i can help.

  2. hydrophid says:

    Naturally caused by the sun do to sun spots/solar storms.

  3. cascalote says:

    It’s a hoax. But I know you want to know how it is defined. There is a lot to know and I suggest you watch the videos below where many top climate scientists appear and speak not only to the technical side of this scam but also to the political.The Great Global Warming Swindle [external link] …Global Warming Doomsday Called Off [external link] …———————–If you would like to understand exactly why the planet has warmed over the last several decades allow Dr. Henrik Svensmark to explain in this video: [external link] …(The video is in 5 parts and will automatically advance at the end of each segment)———————–

  4. premixed says:

    Global warming is a religion its a believe that some people believe in. It’s not based on science.See how many times people who are global warming fanatics are using the word believe, if Co2 is warming the earth than I’m sorry to remind you that this is what we all exhale since the creation of mankind.So under the constitution there must be a separation of state and religion, It’s illegal to talk about religion in public school.

  5. semeiological says:

    Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the Earth. The warming in the past century is primarily or exclusively due to human actions–combustion of fossil fuels, and deforestation, primarily–that have lead to more greenhouse gasses–CO2, methane, water vapor (primarily as a feedback), and to a much lesser extent several others–in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gasses act kind of like a blanket, holding in heat from the sun (afaik, the sun is expanding, but not so we’d notice–it’s not relevant at the time scales we’re talking about, it’s something happening over billions of years, not decades). Basically, greenhouse gasses are transparent to UV and visible light (light from the sun), but not infrared light (heat energy, from the Earth’s surface). So heat can get in, and can’t get out. So, obviously, it gets warmer.Here are some good sources for more information: [external link] … [external link] … [external link] ozone layer is basically irrelevant to global warming.

  6. robbin says:

    Don’t believe a word that Maxx is saying. Some people are denying that there is any warming trend, or that if there is that Man has nothing to do with it. It is clear that there is some warming of average temperatures around the Earth. The causes are debatable. Why people like Maxx are willing to ignore or deny a great deal of evidence is odd, but people have their own opinions and often will not change them no matter what.

  7. interox says:

    Global Warming is the increase in average temperature worldwide. Doesn’t speak to cause, doesn’t describe what we can do about it, if anything.”and its caused by Co2 emmisions caused by cars and power stations ect”Well, add methane and water vapor to that list.”i know somthing about the sun expanding?”No. And its not sunspots or solar cycles, because the trend is longer than that. The Sun’s energy output is not corresponding with the heating cycle we see. We should have been in an ice age now.”i also seem to remember something about the ozone layer and how something gets trapped underneath?”Ozone is a greenhouse gas, but it is not particularly strong in the warm end of the infrared range.It isn’t so much that there is Global Warming (there is). It isn’t so much whether Man has anything significant to do with it (He does). It isn’t so much whether tiny Man can do anything to change it (He can). It has more to do with “what will we do to survive”. Building walls to hold back the ocean is not even a good short term fix.

  8. Cruickshank says:

    We are between ice ages. We are in the start of the 4th century since the last mini-ice age which based on sunspot activity, stopped around 1700. Global Warming alarmist put the end around 1850. There has been a previous warming period prior to the mini-ice age known as Maunders Minimum. Since the melting of the last Ice Age and the start of a new, about 10,000 years from now, sunspot activity is really the only thing I can find that acts as a thermostat to the overall century wide fluctuations in slight global warming and cooling. We are in a solar sunspot minimum now and it is close to the size of the 2d sunspot cycle after Maunders Minimum. We are already seeing the effect on our hurricane season taking on a weak season; it is hard for them to hit shore. We should also see a slight increase in overall glacier activity through 2035. That includes a reduction in hurricane activity.