PLEASE help me with this simple question!?

I have to answer this essay question but i cant because i don't understand what it is asking, can someone please restate it for me in a simpler way? you dont have to answer the actual question, but you will get best answer!how do you account for the failure of Reconstruction (1865-1877) to bring social and economic equality of opportunity to the former slaves?

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  1. gullitt says:

    Reconstruction lasted from 1865-1877. Explain why it wasn’t successful in bringing about the opportunity for social and economic equality to the former slaves?

  2. determinants says:

    okay, so you need to look up “Reconstruction (1865-1877)”..once you understand what it was you need to ask yourself: Why did this fail? Why did this fail to bring equality of opportunity to the former slaves? In other words, this “reconstruction” was supposed to help those who used to be slaves, but it did not. It was supposed to help them in society (with others) and financial (money) and it failed. why? If you don’t know “why”, then you need to come up with YOUR opinion of why it failed. now i am interested! good luck!