How to analyze evidence in a research paper?

So I'm writing an essay on us health reform failures. I have enough evidence and facts but am having difficulty adding the analysis section to my essay. The evidence I have seems to connect automatically to my thesis, so i'm not sure what kind of analysis I'm supposed to write. I don't want it to be simply a list of facts though. For example, if one of my evidence is, in a certain year, so and so groups or political figures slowed the development of health care reform by protesting against it or something.... how could i analyze that/?sry if the question is kind of confusing. I'm basically wondering how to add analysis to evidence that seems to clearly support the thesis already.

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  1. herner says:

    After presenting your evidence, try to make a clear connection by writing how it directly relates to your thesis.You could start sentences with phrases like “This reveals” or “This shows that”.