How do I transfer colleges and change major with a low gpa?

Ive been doing engineering over the last 2 years and my gpa is a 2.67. I'm not really enjoying anything that i'm doing. I also don't like the college i'm going to. I go to a private engineering college in Illinois.The thing is that I tried to transfer back to my home state (University of Connecticut) engineering but they rejected me. I think it was for my GPA, their cutoff is at 3.00 (and i think every college in the country has the same for engineering).My Major gpa is much lower than my overall GPA, My humanities and Math courses are keeping my gpa semi afloat, while my engineering courses are dragging it down.So my question is, how to I transfer colleges, and change majors? I want to do Economics (because i've Aced all the Econ Courses at my college without even opening the books once, and ive enjoyed every single class i've gone too, They dont offer Econ here, only Buisness Admin) with a math minor but i dont know how to go about doing so. Do i make a special note on my application essay? Do I call in?I will be retrying to transfer to Uconn for the 2012 spring semester.

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  1. retsmah says:

    Depends on how many credits you have and what year your in (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year). UYou can apply for a different major, but it depends on the credits and year because if you have over 60 then you may have to start over so that your overall GPA won’t be low when you graduate and hopefully apply to graduate school. What I think you should do is call the school and see what you have to do. Good luck!