Please help me with my essay?

Please help me with my essay?hello. :) tomorrow is my english talking, so please correct my essay, because english isn't my native language, so there could be some mistakes. :(Hello I‘m Povilas. All kids, teenagers and older people are different. But almost all parents want to see same good qualities in their children. And now I’m going to talk about those qualities. Firstly, I will comment on the data of this chart. Secondly, I will talk about what is best for children, and can they always turn to their family not only for financial but also for psychological support. And at the end I will talk what different generations need.To begin this topic I will comment on the data of this chart. 22% of questioned parents would like to see in their children attitude towards learning. Parents take care of children, because in first and sometimes in older classes, children don’t care about learning, they only want to do other things, so parents sometimes need to stimulate them to learn. 18% of parents want to see in their children honesty. 24% of questioned parents want to see respect in their children. They need to understand from an early age what needs to be respected in order to avoid problems in the future. 16% need politeness from their children. And finally 20% of questioned parents would like to see responsibility in their children. It’s the most important personal quality for me, because without it, you can’t do your works, people can’t trust you, and usually you can’t work good job without responsibility.The next issue I’d like to talk about is relationships between parents and children. I think that parents not always know what is best for children. There are some parents which for example order their children to dance from age 5, but maybe that kid doesn’t want to dance, he wants to play guitar or paint, but parents think that their children is too young to decide by himself. And children can always turn to family for financial and psychological support, but sometimes where are things, which kid thinks that it’s better not to know for parents and he can resolve that problem by himself.Finally let’s talk about different generations. I think that small children would like to see hilarity in their parents’. Teenagers mostly value responsibility and respect from adults. And what could be done to increase trust and understanding between the different generations? Well parents should give more freedom, don’t put their kids in frames, but then it’s required, parents should discipline them. And when children grow they should understand what its hard period for parents too, because parents take care of their children, are worrying for everything and they are always trying to become better parents.

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    I am reading it now an here are some mistakes: see same good – see THE same goodWould like to see in thier children – would like to see CHANGE in theirI couldnt finish but those are from the first two paragraphs! Great essay though!