Dell Laptop Screen went completely black and now won’t restart?

I had just finished writing an essay (that's due in 3 hours), when my laptop screen went completely black. The laptop was still running because the music was playing. After waiting for a few minutes and moving the mouse around, the screen was still completely black so I forced shut down. When I restarted, the screen was still black. What can be the problem? Luckily, I have another laptop in my room so I can rewrite the essay but is there anyway to fix the laptop? I'm away at school so it'll take a while before I can go home and get someone to look at it. I already tried removing the battery and pressing the start button for 60secs, it doesn't work. I can see the backlight but that's it. The fan is still running.

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2 Responses to “Dell Laptop Screen went completely black and now won’t restart?”

  1. Thamesis says:

    Try external monitor if you have one.

  2. probings says:

    Hi Jazzy.When you restart do you get to see the BIOS screen prompts?IF not then your screen has died and there is little you are able to do other than change the screen or get a new laptop.IF you do see the screen prompts then there is a chance you can enter the safe mode and possibly repair the driver or adapter error which may be causing the screen to be blank