What are some positive characteristics of Macbeth?

I'm doing an English essay on Macbeth and I have to prove that Macbeth had positive characteristics and had potential to become a great man. I also have to prove the sense of Pathos that is developed in the play. I also have to prove that Macbeth had a flaw and it led him down a path that causes the reader to develop a sense of waste regarding his life and abilities. Then i have to explain how the fall of the tragic of the tragic hero (Macbeth), conveys this impression of waste. Can anyone help me with any of this? I have to provide examples and quotes from the play to prove everything.

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  1. Recurvirostra says:

    He was a dedicated person, it’s just that this dedication led him down the wrong path.

  2. importation says:

    Tragedy often involves an important person who is destroyed by their own hubris (pride; arrogance; ambition). This is the tragic flaw you’re looking for.Macbeth starts off as a good servant to the king, which earns him the title of Thane of Cawdor. He had the potential to serve the king loyally. When his wife persuades him to murder the king so that rest of the witches’ prophecy can be fulfilled, Macbeth is initially reluctant. However, he is ultimately overcome by his hubris, and chooses to commit murders in order to fulfill his ambition to be king. This, of course, leads to his destruction. Becoming Thane of Cawdor was a step forward in life; he could have made the most of it. Instead, he reached for more and ended up destroying not only his own life, but bringing disorder upon all the land. Very wasteful. In tragedy, the idea is generally for the audience to experience a sense of pity and shame for the tragic hero. Pathos in Macbeth is achieved by dialogue that arouses these emotions. Look for dialogue where Macbeth describes his madness, his uncertainty, his guilt etc. Anything where he communicates the turmoil of his situation to the audience.Quotes you’ll have to find yourself ;) Good luck!