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Hi, I am in my final year at university and have recently been given an assignment in my literature class to write an essay of 2500 words in length. I am absolutely terrible at writing essays and I have never achieved good grades in the essays I have written in previous years. Therefore, I was wondering if someone could help me get started on this essay....or at least help me devise some sort of plan on how to answer the question. Assignment: Gabriel Mora status: ‘The women portrayed in La casa de los espíritus are not good role models for feminists; they are invariably presented as either victims or dependent for their identity on the male companions’. Analyse this statement, use relevant quotes from the novel to support your argument. I was thinking I should begin by giving a brief description of the novel (sounds lame, i know), then I will analyse each female character from the novel and see whether or not this statement applies to them. ( I hope this makes sense).Hopefully someone can help me soon as I have only a week to write it. Thanks in advance.

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    Thank you so much for answering my question and for the prompt response. Thanks a lot guys ;-) Report Abuse

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    [external link] …see hereThe Power of WomenThe protagonists of the novel are all women who work in different and subtle ways to assert their rights. The House of the Spirits can be seen as a woman-centered response to the paradigmatic text of magical realism: Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. Where One Hundred Years of Solitude centers around three generations of men, with the women whom they love as important but secondary characters, The House of the Spirits does the opposite. Clara, Blanca, and Alba remain the focus of the story, while Esteban, Pedro Tercero, and Miguel enter the story because they are the men those women love or marry. Experiences particularly central to the lives of women dominate the minor as well as the major events in the story, such as the detailed descriptions of each childbirth and the abortion, as well as the presentation of physical and sexual violence against women.Aside from Nivea’s commitment to female suffrage, the women rarely explicitly condemn gender inequality. Each woman’s life is, however, marked by it. All of the women in The House of the Spirits are strong women who do not bow to mistreatment. They choose subtle responses the situations, though, instead of outright revolt. This very method of resistance can be seen as particularly feminine. If violence and activity are male traits, while gentleness and passivity are female ones, The House of the Spirits shows that this does not mean that men accomplish things and change things while women do not. On the contrary, the women in The House of the Spirits effect more long-lasting and drastic changes than do any of the men. While the men lead revolutions that topple governments, those revolutions are themselves quickly toppled. The women’s subtler methods of teaching literacy and basic healthcare, setting curses, and refusing to speak are far more effective in exacting permanent change.===to analyse each female character is a good start but I would also look at them collectively – as in how they support and help each other within the respective families and how the book although presenting the women as wifes and mothers detailing as it does for example childbirth – highlights their essential role in maintaining the family.

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    anA (I spelled it backwards) You write very well and shouldn’t have trouble with putting it on paper. I’d suggest you make draft in double- or triple-spaced form then re-read and correct. Cut and paste, whatever. The assignment statement sounds clear but I’m not familiar with Gabriel Mora. It does not need much analysis, it needs supporting or countering. Take a position and get to work.