Formulas for surface area..?

of a triangular prism?just the formula! don't give me an essay!and also the formula for a rectangular pyramids surface area

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  1. pachymeningitis says:

    Geometry is not my best but I don’t think there is a formula for what you are asking. You need to draw the net of the triangular prism and find the area for each of the sides. You then add them up. For a rectangular pyramid, you find the area of one of the triangular sides and multiply by 4 and add the area of the rectangular base. If it helps, draw a net.A net is a 2-D drawing of a 3-D figure.

  2. unburned says:

    In both you just need to find the surface area of each face, then add them together. I think…..The formula for a triangle is base X height divided by 2The formula for a rectangle is length X width

  3. medplus says:

    the general equation for the surface area of ANY prism is:SA = 2(area of the base) + (perimeter of the base) (height)basically, you just need to find area of the base, which in this case is a triangle, using A = .5bh. Then you find the perimeter of the base by adding all the sides. I believe the height is always given.rectgular pyramid:SA = base area + 1/2 (base perimeter) (slant height)note: the slant height in this case is NOT the height of the pyramid, it’s the height of the 4 trianlges.hope it helps :)

  4. faro says:

    Traingluar prism2b + Ph (b is the area of the base P is the perimeter of the base)Rectangular prism2wl+2lh+2whw=width….