Can anyone help me with this irish essay please im desperate!?

okay so the question that i got was:''Sa sliocht seo as an ùrscèal Lig Sinn i gCathù faighimid leàrgas greannmhar ar phearsana èagsùla san ollscoil'. Deàn plè gairid air sin i geàs beirt de na pearsana luadh sa sliocht.So what im guessing that the question means is write about the funny people in the story Lig Sinn i gCathù but i dont really understand the story so could someone give me some points i could use or even a link to a page with an example answer? .........its from the 2008 higher level leaving cert papers i think but i dont have the actual papers with me.Please help im soo swamped in homework i think im going to get a peptic ulser!Thanks a million!

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  1. Edinburgh says:

    you basically just have to pick out each character and write a paragraph on each one sayin how the,re funny for example the way they laugh at the guy that has a funny eye, and give him his nickname . or the way they get the dog to ruin the gardens to annoy the gardener! Report Abuse

  2. clinanthia says:

    ”In this passage from the novel Let us gCathù funny insight we receive on different persons in the university ‘. Shortly discuss it in geàs two of the figures cited in the passage.partly translated from google translator