What is the significant of the essay “portrait of an essay as a warm body” ‘s title?

portrait of an essay as a warm body by Cynthia Ozickhow is the title significant?is it a good title?why is it a good title?

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  1. retluoC says:

    The title is a humorous variation of the famous semi-autobiographical novel by the Irish author, James Joyce, “A Portrait of The Artist as A Young Man.” See the first source below about that book.Other writers have also done whimsical variations on that title … for example, Dylan Thomas, the Welsh poet, wrote a collection of short pieces about his younger days entitled, “Portrait of The Artist as A Young Dog.” See the second source.Sure it’s a good title, because she’s following in the footsteps of some famous authors. The only significance I can see is that she’s showing she’s well-read and familiar with well-known authors, and is complimenting the reader by implying that she knows they are, too –sort of like an in-joke, as if to say, “just among us literati.”