Multiple colleges have offered me a free application, does that mean that I’ll get in for sure?

I have recieved "Advantage" applications from several colleges. (ie. Marquette, Loyola, and Tulane) The application is free and no new essay is required, I simply have to copy and paste one I used from a different school. I was wondering if that means that I will almost automatically get into these schools if I apply.

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2 Responses to “Multiple colleges have offered me a free application, does that mean that I’ll get in for sure?”

  1. rigatonis says:

    nope sorry they just want u to apply so they can have a bigger application pool, thats not to say you wont get in but ur not just an automatic unless ur like brilliant

  2. electrostatic says:

    It can’t hurt to try. Apply to as many colleges as possible so you will have many possibilities. Trust me, you need as many options. They will come in handy! Good Luck!