How does violence in video games, films and television affect children? Essay help needed.?

Hello :)I've got a 1200 word essay for tomorrow to hand in to university on violence and its affects on children. I have to reference ten sources (internet, books, chapters from books, magazines, newspapers, journals), but the catch is that I can only reference a maximum of three of each type (eg. three websites, three books and a magazine). I need to argue the subject on for, against and a middle ground. I'm focusing on...Publicised events where games/films are blamed (Jamie Bulger, Columbine massacre).Nature/NutureCensorshipPsychological affects on childrenI could really use any help with researching relevant books, journals, newspaper articles or magazine articles about the topic. I can't get to the library at the moment and I'm stuck with the internet, trying to find sources on the net that are from books and a few childcare books of my Mum's. Any help you could give would really be greatly appreciated.Thanks

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  1. resaid says:

    it desensifys them. Thats about all. If a child is prone to violence, they may mimick what they see in videogames, films or TV, but it’s never been scientifically proven that videogames, films or TV actually cause children who are not prone to violence to become violent.In fact, the only scientific proof of videogames effects on children is an increase in hand-eye co-ordination.