Having a hard time creating a thesis/argument for my Political Science essay?

I'm writing an essay for my Introduction to Political Science class. I have a few ideas, the problem is I'm generally a Sociology major and everything I've come up with so far is so much like a Gender Equality class I'm taking, and I feel like it's becoming more of a Gender essay then a Political Science essay. Here's the guidelines:"Select 4 of the following 16 terms and concepts. Write an essay that links them together."- Polis - Sovereignty- Justice - Equality- Law - Power- Human rights - the Good- Rationality - Love - Virtue - Citizenship- Relativism - Private- Liberty - PublicA definition of a thesis is: "In this essay, I argue that equality is the fundamental principle guiding the full realization of human rights. However, while human equality is based on our rationality, the modern concept of state sovereignty impedes the global spread and protection of the universal rights of human beings."Some of my ideas were to use Law, Human rights, equality, and rationality but I think that's a bit to similar to the thesis that my prof came up with as the example, plus those four words scream gender equality class. Any ideas? We've read Machiavelli's work "The Prince" as well as a general political thinking book.

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  1. larrygc says:

    power can corrupt the virtue of law that provides for individual liberty.

  2. Munychian says:

    [external link] a good idea here.