Retaliation because I spoke to someone? Is this legal?

I've been reading up on some laws concerning the workplace, but I can't find anything that covers my situation. Anyways, a week or so ago, I spoke to a guy that oversees the management company that manages the assisted living where I work. I told him that the HR Director never calls me back or answers her calls. I leave voicemails and I never get a return call. He apologized on behalf of the company and said it's unacceptable and he'll talk to her. She did call me back one day after that.I'm in the process of a shift change. The HR Director handles the hiring of new employees, so I was inquiring about that.Then, yesterday, I had a meeting with the Executive Director...well, actually, it wasn't really a meeting. She refused to allow me to speak. She told me that my phone calls to HR was bordering on harassment. Then she said that I'm very disrespectful, my attitude towards them sucks(she didn't mention my attitude on the floor) and that I shouldn't be calling or talking to anyone(she mentioned the guy I talked to) and that HR Director will call me when she feels like it. She proceeded to say she didn't see a future in me, and that my non-verbal communication was equivalent to a child's. She told me if I want a job, I need to write a self-reflection essay and email it to her.Then, when she was done with her spiel, she left! She wouldn't let me defend myself. I think I stepped on her toes, because I talked to the guy above her and the HR Director. That made her look bad. This woman gets off on putting others down. She's done it to other CNA's. I'm 99% sure this is retaliation, and has nothing to do with my attitude. She mentioned that guy, and I've NEVER talked to him except for that one time...Is there ANY legal action I can take? Any other action I can take? I work as a CNA at an assisted living in Minnesota.

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4 Responses to “Retaliation because I spoke to someone? Is this legal?”

  1. Pontine says:

    Executive Director is right. Do your job and stop bad mouthing the company and its staff. Nothing illegal about it. That you think there is demonsrtates how unprofessional you are.

  2. sakreet says:

    your right it is retaliation … it is just not the illegal kind, she broke no laws and neither did you, face that she has the power to let you go for any reason or no reason , real or imagined and you have no recourse and HR works for the employer NOT for the employees

  3. fionbio says:

    I don’t think there is anything legal you can do about it unless she is breaching confidential information to other people not involved.If I was you I would take this matter up with whoever is over her, she has no right to talk down to you in that manner, in my opinion it is very unprofessional not to return phone calls in a place of business. In a sense, you are her customer, you and other employee’s is why she even has a job…People like that piss me off… I would have to have this problem resolved to my satisfactory or I wouldn’t be able to work there… Hope you get things lined out, good luck.

  4. ethnobiological says:

    *sighs* ahhh good ol office Bull Sh*t Gotta love it gotta hate it.