Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck?

Could someone describe to me in detail the characteristics and personalities of Curley, Curley's wife, and Slim from the book Of Mice and Men?i read it on Sparknotes but i am so busy with other homework and extra curriculars that i have no time to read the whole book, much less sleep. I got an 8 paragraph minimum essay assignment today in English and it was to describe in detail the characteristics of these 3 characters. PLEASE AND THANK YOU! this would be a HUGE help! :D

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  1. yoshihit says:

    Curley- has social status and power on the ranch because he is the owner’s son. He doesnt understand people and is a cruel person in general.Curley’s wife- an attractive women who craves attention. She doesnt belong on the ranch she had a dream of becoming an actress but never fulfilled her dream.Slim- wise person on the ranch who everybody looks up to; his opinion counts the most.:) hope i helped and you should really find time to read the book entirely its amazing and made me cry

  2. dday says:

    Curley, a short hot temperd man that wants to be tall Curley’s wife, a lady taht need attention Slim, the king to the ranch wise one everyone looks up to