Need title for comparative essay of romeo and juliet and huckleberry finn?

I wrote a comparative essay of romeo and juliet and hucklberry finn. All I need now is a good title. XD

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  1. cubbish says:

    They are very different stories, but I can see a similarity in that both stories involved people going against the wishes of most adults in their respective worlds. So how about “Swimming against the Current” or “Going Against the Grain” or something along those lines. Or you could title it something simple like “Opposition”. I don’t really know what your ideas in your essay were, but maybe these ideas will help.Good Luck!

  2. recompetition says:

    Just a few ideas that might work for you…”Romeo and Juliet vs Huck and Jim” “Italy vs Missouri” “The Rich and the Poor” “Two approaches to Freedom” Good Luck.

  3. practicableness says:

    “Huckleberry Finn and Juliet :Not a Healthy Relationship”i don’t know, will that work /?