How Would I Write This Essay?

The wilderness areas of Alaska are currently protected from economic development. In your opinion, should this wilderness area be open to development? Support your answer with two reasons and explain your opinion. It's for my application to AP Human Geography. What I'm asking is what side should I be on? What kind of words should I use? If you could, what is a reason for this prompt? I'm stumped!P.S. If it makes any difference, I'm in 8th grade, going into 9th.

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  1. nlspath says:

    It’s asking for your opinion, so you should stick to that and write what YOU believe in. You should be professional in your choice of words – don’t use contractions like “don’t” or “didn’t” – use “do not” and “did not” instead. The development of wilderness areas basically means building houses, cities, schools, roads, highways, etc, and people moving into the area to live. So it’s asking that, in your opinion, should we clear forests and etc. in Alaska in order to build things on the land? Good luck!