Constructive critisism on this persuasive essay?

Parents should let their teenage children make decisions on their own.When should parents let teens make their own decisions? They say that everybody makes mistakes, and you learn from them… but what if a person has never made any mistakes, would that be harmful or helpful? Well here’s your answer; it would be harmful.It is obvious that a parent is a caretaker. A parent is someone who looks after a child, somebody who helps their kid do the right things and make good decisions. But one day this child will grow up, and he or she will move on with life. What parents need to understand is that they need to trust their adolescent kids to make their own decisions, because it is better to have absolute communication and never lie, than to pretend to be authority without clarity.Seventeen years old is the age when teenagers are applying for college, moving out of home, getting a job or anything related to being without their family and guidance. If all of ones decisions were always made by somebody else, how would they be able to make basic decisions alone?Telling a kid they can’t do things will certainly make them more rebellious. They need freedom; they need to be able to go out there and express themselves in a way which will let them experience everything that is out there to offer. The reason parents are so protective of their children is because they either don’t trust other people, or they don’t trust their teen. It is healthy to just be open and honest with your teen because if they are not, they will be influenced by others either for better or for most likely; worse.Dear parents, you should let your teen make their own decisions. It increases their self-confidence, independence and protects them from making bigger mistakes later in their life. Allow teens to have their own life and personality – don’t control them to be exactly like you, because they are their own person making their own mistakes.

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  1. carsona says:

    Terms are too broad. Logic is flawed.Many, if not all parents allow their children to make decisions every day. Heck, my 4-year-old nephew has decisions he gets to make – what he wants to wear, what he wants for lunch, what TV he likes. Which “decisions” are we talking about?Ideally, in my opinion, a person should be eased into the decision making process – in this I agree with you. But it should be a years-long process, filled with logic and understanding. In the way you’re arguing this, it just sounds like you’re advocating that teens get thrown into decision-making sooner. Where’s the sense in that?It would be better that parents maintain an open dialogue about WHY they make the decisions they do, and as a child’s capacity for logic and reason grows, involve the child more and more in the process. (Simple example – wearing a coat. Instead of just saying “Put on your coat!”, it’s easier to explain “You need to put on your coat, because otherwise you will get cold and possibly sick.” Then as the child is learning reason, this can progress to “It’s very cold out. Do you think you should wear a coat?” so they have input in the decision and know the reasoning behind it.)But as far as these vague “decisions” you think teens are capable of making — I’m assuming these are fairly substantial, like body piercings and curfews and sexual activity and whatnot. Most parents maintain that old saw “As long as you’re under my roof, you’ll abide by my rules” – for good reason. Until you are legally of age, they are legally responsible for you. If you get blood poisoning from a shoddy tattoo, they pay the medical bills. If you are responisble for an unplanned pregnancy, they will most likely end up supporting that child one way or another. If you are out late and crash the car, it’s likely their car, and if you damage someone else’s property, they are required to pay for it. Do you detect the trend? Until you are willing and able to be completely responsible for all of the consequences of your actions, you don’t have the right to make all your own decisions.

  2. paranka says:

    Most 17 year olds don’t have a clue “what’s out there”. THE LAW says you are a minor and the responsibility of your parents until you are 18. This generation of teens have parents who protect and provide them with so many things, the kids don’t even realize they aren’t ready for the real world. The arrogance in this essay reeks of it. You want to be allowed to make decisions but you aren’t ready for the consequences. You want to have sex but don’t realize or even consider the risk of STDs, pregnancy and AIDS. You want to drive but you also want to text simultaneously, and get hurt or killed. You want money to just be given to you to dress cool or slutty, go to parties where there’s alcohol and drugs. But when you OD, get pregnant, get into accidents and get date raped, who you gonna call–YOUR PARENTS! Because they have the financial wherewithall to bail your sorry spoiled a$$es out! You don’t have any money and without out that the world is a very very cold place. Just something to think about, because what you’ve written is very immature.

  3. deuterate says:

    Thesis StatementThey say that everybody makes mistakes, and you learn from them, but what if a person has never made any mistakes? Parents should let teens make their own decisions, up to a point, otherwise it would be harmful in the long run.

  4. seriche says:

    only, to a degree. you still have to abide by their own rules. sometimes change is not so important as within the real realms of life itself. controlling one’s own emotions is a great factor, one involving as a group of family is very diffult and very confusing to a teenager by itself. but, i must agree with you. it would be a levelating experience for the parent to guide them into a positive way as every day situations.

  5. demophobe says:

    Good points, a couple of things to think about:I would not use the word ‘kid’ – this seems informal for an essay, try child and adolescent “But one day this child will grow up” – don’t use ‘this’ it does not sound right.”If all of ones decisions were always made by ..” – ones should have an apostrophe to show ownership (one’s)You should use some references from theorists and research studies to back up your claims, educational theorists like William Glasser and psychologists like Erik Erikson are good places to look. Contrasting with the views of Skinner and the negative outcomes resulting from behaviourist methods when used with adolescents.Also, if your essay is meant to be written in third person, avoid the term ‘you’, ‘your’ – this is second personGood luck :) .