Please help. I can’t get it…Difficult questions abt Literature?

1." Jimmy juggled juice," is an example ofA. alliterationB. idiomC. personificationD. character2. The approach to criticism that answers the question," what did the writer say?" is:A. evaluationB. interpretationC. scanningD. analysis3. In determining a topic for a critical essay, the critic must first:A. find evidence to support three possible topicsB. do research to learn which topics already have been written aboutC. narrow his topic to manageable sizeD. decide how many paragraphs should be in the essay4. Shakespeare's English is classified as Middle English because it so closely resembles Medieval English.A. TrueB. False5. Which of the following items does not appear in " A Modest Proposal"?A. Landlords have been devouring their tenants for a long timeB. Teen children are too tough to be used for huntingC. The proposal would make the English less lazyD. The author will not profit from this proposal because he has no children6. Samuel Johnson believed that literature should appeal mainly to____A. the scholar, to please himB. the common man, to teach himC. the common man, to teach and please himD. the king and the Parliament7. A revolution not characteristic of or related to English Romanticism os:A. religiousB. politicalC. industrial8. A word that relates to Neoclassical emphasis rather than Romantic emphasis is:A. restrictionsB. subjectivityC. synthesis9. According to Wordsworth's Preface, a poet creates a poem:A. by following certain rules of writingB. when the experience or emotion first appears to himC. after meditating on the subject10. The literary work that "formally" announced the establishment of the Romantic revolt English poetry is:A. Lyrical BalladsB. Biographia LiterariaC." Line Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey"11. A type of book that presents allegorical descriptions of animals applied to a moral or religious purpose is A. Ancrene RiwleB. BestiaryC. Proverbs of AlfredD. Parliment of Foules12. The validity of a critical essay is determined most by how the author:A. uses evidence to support an interpretationB. organizes the essayC. states the thesisD. writes the conclusion13. The exciting force of Hamlet is :A. the ghost's first appearance to HamletB. Claudius's explanation of his marriage to GertrudeC. the death of PoloniusD. Hamlet's passing up the " perfect" opportunity to kill Claudius14. Poetry differs from prose in its:A. form and rhythmB. rhymeC. figures of speechD. subject matter15. Which is a dramatized allegory?A. morality playB. Elizabethan playC. mystery playD. church play

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