Causes of the Vietnam war, outcome on both Vietnam and the American soldiers….thanks! ;-)?

I have a college essay due and I am having a little trouble. I have done research but need more input from people on the effects of the outcome on Vietman and America both the people and the economy. Why did President Johnson escalate the war? Any info is helpfull. If you know facts and have sources thats even better! Thanks!

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4 Responses to “Causes of the Vietnam war, outcome on both Vietnam and the American soldiers….thanks! ;-)?”

  1. rumpled says:

    Johnson had a Texas size ego, that was his problem. Had JFK lived longer I believe he would have had us out of Vietnam. Just one mans opinon…MINE

  2. Oreortyx says:

    North Vietnam decided to spred communism all over Vietnam & so the Southern Vietnamese asked the US to send reinforcements the war lasted long & at the end of the 60s the Vietnam conflict was on the downrise US sloldiers faced many problems & so they had to call it off before Nixon could Nuke the Junglethe technical stuff-US ARMY used many new tactics & the vietnam war was the dawn of the widespread use of helicopters especially the UH-1 Hueys -USAF opened a new school for advanced Pilots Called the TopGun where they train Air Force Aces-Rock N Roll Was On Suuurfiinn Birrrrddd-they did water skiing with the PT boats-they started using computersoutcomemany Northern Vietnamese were executed due to their intellectuel appereances but after Pot Pot wasnt in control North Vietnam had to go through a few changes & they seem to be doing ok nowadays

  3. someptr says:

    Right after WW2, Hochiminh, big Vietnam leader, tried to get our, USA, help in establishing Vietnam for the people of Vietnam. Vietnam, prior to WW2 had been a French colony and of course they along with everyone were driven out by the Japs. We wanted to see France built back up after the war so we sided with the French. You should understand for a thousand years China and Vietnam had been at each others throats but when we decided to side with the French and then establish a South Vietnam Govt, much like we did in Korea China had no problem in supporting Vietnam.Simple Question, if one side won’t help you what do you do? Would say we, the US, because of our stupid, shallow, arrogant, policies have driven more countries into the arms of communism than we have ever saved.Few days ago I was in a local food store and picked up a delicious 5 lb bag of shrimp that were on sale, as I was eating them I happened to check the bag, quess what, produced in Vietnam, Vietnam a country we, the USA, threw away over 50 thousand good American lives with the bull **** wrapped patriotic slogans, “the Commies are coming” You can check on the internet what Robert McNamara, at the time of the Vietnam war was secretary of defense, had to say about the Vietnam war,many, many, to many years later.I’m a Army Vet.

  4. avocational says:

    It’s the French’s fault. I hate the French. They tore the Vietnamese people apart. The aftermath is Vietnam as is today, a country run by dirty corrupted commies. Economically, communism will never work! look at all the commie countries are now trying desperately to convert to capitalism.At first, American supported French to regain control in Vietnam, but was unable and they packed their stuff and left. Then they convinced the South Vietnamese that communism is bad (which it is) and thus the war started.Johnson was unlucky to have sworn in office. He wanted to show the rest of the world that USa was the world’s superpower and couldnt let the USSR influence all of Asia (like it did in China and Korea).