I have a literature exam tomorrow?!?!?

So, i have a GCSE English Literature exam tomorrow where i need to compare 2 stort stories and then a poem by Gillian Clarke, Seamus Heaney and 2 from the Pre-1914 bank. Now, i do now have the slightest clue how to write the essay and what to write about? Please someone help?!

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  1. a-posteriori says:

    hey therehaving almost the same problem here-except with the prose section English literature: This is the order:1) Intro 2) First poem – most detail2) Second poem (compare with first poem)3) Third poem (compare with aspects of above 2 poems)4) Fourth poem (compare with aspects of above 3 poems) – shortest paragraphOh, and dont forget a conclusion….but as long as you got enough points and explained fully and did ALL FOUR poems…your marks willbe good.and plus this is something i learnt from the poems book in CGP 1) Write introduction (theme) 2) Compare structures (say how they relate to theme) u need to learn about wat happens in the poem3) Compare the use of language 4) Compare the feelings and attitudes in the poems (how they relate to theme) 5) Give a personal response to the poems in the conclusions (which u preferred and y)