Help with philosophy essay! Applied Ethics.?

The title is this: WITH TODAY'S APPLICATION OF BIOTECHNOLOGICAL MEANS TO DEAL WITH INFERTILITY THE ETHICAL ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH THE BEGINNING OF HUMAN LIFE HAVE ASSUMED A NEW DIMENSION. DISCUSS.I must write 2.5 pages. What are the main things I have to discuss? And what does the title really mean, in simpler words? Thanks for your help.

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  1. contradictedness says:

    much of our jurisprudence is based on natural law. it then raises the question whether new technologies are challenging our perceived natural laws or whether our laws should be based on a different set of percepts or priorities.

  2. theanthropos says:

    all the embryos don’t make it many die in the process, killing potential life or little people if you want to look at it that way

  3. subsessile says:

    Just a different slant on this philosophical topic could be written. Would it be better to live with infertility–not bring another being into this already over-populated world. Enviromental ethics of today say that overpopulation is the biggest problem in all part of the world and that to abate this situation, less have to born.

  4. jibby says:

    Infertility treatments can involve the freezing, storage and destruction of embryos. And then to consider your opinion of how ethical each of these things are.