A Few Question About Stanford?

I am about to be a Junior in high school and my parents want me to look at stanford. I have around a 3.7 -3.8 GPA and plan to hopefully get a 3.8-3.9 before I graduate. Next year I am taking AP english. And my senior year I hope to take AP bio, AP physics, AP english and AP psychology, and AP spanish. I will take 4 years of math 4 years of language. I am on the swim team and was on the lacrosse team although I'm not doing it next season for conflicts. I am going to be a big sister to an elementary school kid all of next year and probably my senior year and I am going to do at least 2 maybe 3 clubs. I am also going to Guatemala for a school trip in the spring.I already know that I really like medicine and psychology and I am thinking of cognitive and behavioral neuroscience but I don't want to limit myself. I haven't taken the SAT yet but I know I need to do good on that. And I think writing essays is one of my strengths. My questions are:1) What are the chances of me getting in to stanford? (I am out of state, white female if that makes a difference) 2) How is there scholarship/grants/ financial aid? because I defiantly need a lot of that.3) How do people like stanford compared to other schools?Honest answers would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.=)

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    You have a strong GPA, and very ambitious and admirable plans for your future that I encourage you to persevere in pursuing, but with a school as fiercely competitive as Stanford it’s almost impossible of predicting anyone’s chances for being admitted. If you get excellent SAT scores and bring your GPA a bit I think you will be a candidate worthy of serious consideration. 1. Since Stanford is a private university, being out-of-state doesn’t factor in heavily to the admissions process. Occasionally students from less populous states like North Dakota where there tend to be fewer applicants will have a very slight advantage because the school strives to have a diverse student body, but for the most part, it’s fairly irrelevant. Your race shouldn’t really factor in either.Admission to the class of 2013 was the toughest in the history of Stanford because of significant increase in applicants, and only 2300 out of more than 30,000 got in. [external link] …Don’t feel daunted by this information; rather let it spur you on to strive even harder to be a competitive candidate for admission.2. Yes, Stanford has one of the most generous financial aid packages in the country, though the current economy has taken a toll. You can read more about their aid on their website. 3. Stanford has long been ranked as the university with some of the happiest students. It has a gorgeous campus and weather that is usually lovely, fantastic professors, outstanding resources and opportunities and an international reputation for excellence. [external link] …Good luck! ~ Pax / Peace : )