What chemistry is used in the detection of fingerprints?

i need to write a 2 page essay about the chemistry used in the detection of fingerprints and i searched it but i can't find out anything i dont even know the name of the chemistry

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3 Responses to “What chemistry is used in the detection of fingerprints?”

  1. stachel says:

    i dont think its a chemistry i think its a science , idk how it could be a chemistry

  2. confiscates says:

    Basically chemicals are reacted with the oil residue left by the fingers, and the reaction turns the residue into a highly visible color.

  3. jimjams says:

    the reason you didn’t find anything is because it is chemistry. it is just a way of darkening oils on a surface left by a finger. usually they use fine graphite (the stuff in lead pencils). they cover the print with the graphite powder then gently brush away the excess, therefore revealing the print. the grapgite sticks to the oils left by the finger.