Should I write to the Dean of Academic Instruction if I am disappointing in a class?

I have been taking an English 201 level class at a community college in Washington State. I have been extremely disappointed with the quality of the class. The first week and a half were spent doing remedial English review, the kinds of things you learn in a 97 level class. Now, all we do are one paper a week and weekly group presentations. The instructor has done no instruction on writing. The group presentations are a joke -- we write a paper on an essay we all read as a group, and read it out loud in front of the class and present a piece of "artwork" related to the essay we read. I can't say that I've learned anything useful. We are now half way through the quarter and nothing has improved. At the same time, I am kind of relieved since I have an overload of credits and this has been an easy class. Would it be a good idea to write my thoughts to the Dean of Academic Instruction? I don't want the teacher in trouble, he's a great guy and easy to get along with. At the same time, I paid good money for this class and I don't feel that I'm gaining the skills that were described for an English 201 level class.

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3 Responses to “Should I write to the Dean of Academic Instruction if I am disappointing in a class?”

  1. Vermilingues says:

    Well, it’s a community college class, so if you’re looking for the level of work and expectations you would find at a 4-year school you’re out of luck. Community colleges are supposed to cater to the entire community and anyone can attend them. Of course you’re going to find a lot of remediation going on, even in 200 level classes. That said, if the course isn’t meeting its own stated goals it might be worthwhile to complain.

  2. pstruwe says:

    you forget what a community college is for , maybe you should be thinking higher

  3. manikin says:

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