I’m taking my RCM history 3 exam on friday, and I was wondering how long do the answers have to be?

For the questions like 'Describe the Life, Career and musical style of one of these following composers' How long are the answers? Since on the practice test, they don't give the lines of where to write, which give you an approximate guess of how long it is supposed to be. I was wondering because some of my friends say it is an ESSAY. which is quite long (since there are 4 questions like that, 4 essays? I don't think so) and my other friends say it is only a paragraph or 2. I am not too sure, and I want to make sure, could you please help ?

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  1. parergon says:

    The answers should be as much as you can remember, and whatever the textbook/workbooks give you. It does not have to be in essay format, it can be in point form, as long as your points are full sentences. Also, the points about their life do not have to be in chronological order. The lines on the test sheet is about two lines height of normal lined paper. I suggest that you fill in one whole sheet for the life and career, and about another page for the musical style/songs.Remember it’s 10 marks, so at minimum, have ten points for your written response. If you want to write in paragraph format, have about a paragraph for their life (so about 8 points) and another paragraph for their style (about 5-8 points there). P.S. If it is possible, you should use headers, for example, Beethoven has three musical periods, so put each of them as headers, and write your points below. It’s much more organized in my opinion. Or Bach, another example, his three main periods in his life. (Weimar, Cothen, Leipzig)

  2. myopically says:

    I think that it needs to be essay format

  3. netbuei says:

    In my opinion, its best if you write a well-organized essay. Try to expand on the your answer, and give EVERYTHING you know, to ensure that you lose no marks of the least amount. I used this method and did well in my grade 3 and 4 history :)

  4. grapplers says:

    OK lol do you live in Canada? I have my exam on Friday (tomorrow), and i’m scared as hell! who knows i might see you there!